RSVP for Cross Winds Energy Park Tours 2019

Wind energy is a key part our Clean Energy Plan to meet Michigan’s needs for decades to come. So are YOU.

That’s why we’re offering friends, neighbors and employees a chance to tour the Cross Winds® Energy Park this summer as we add 33 new turbines to the wind farm. Come and see how we’re creating a bright, sustainable energy future for Michigan. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE JULY 26 TOUR HAS REACHED MAXIMUM CAPACITY.  If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for that date, please contact Lynn Wilson at

Tours will take approximately 2 hours and the experience will vary depending on construction dates and status. Opportunities may include:

  • Photos with turbine blades, towers, nacelles on the ground, foundations and large cranes.

  • Visits inside a turbine and to the wind farm's operations center.

(Note:  This tour may not be appropriate for all individuals. In addition to boarding the bus, tour guests will also walk outdoors on uneven surfaces for short distances. We care about your personal safety and comfort.)

No cross winds energy park tours yet.